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Ladder-Rank Faculty

  • APBears Professorial Ranks Appointment
    Acting Assistant Professor (without Ph.D. completed), Acting Associate or Acting Full Professor; Assistant, Associate and Full Professor;
    Intercampus Transfer Faculty Appointments

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Teaching Professor

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Adjunct Professor and Professor-In-Residence Series

  • APPOINTMENT: Assistant Adjunct Professor or Assistant Professor-in-Residence
  • APPOINTMENT: Associate or Full Adjunct Professor or Associate or Full Professor -In-Residence
  • MID-CAREER APPRAISAL: Adjunct Assistant Professor with or without Merit Increase
  • PROMOTION: to Associate or Full Adjunct Professor or to Associate or Full Professor - In-Residence
  • MERIT INCREASE: Adjunct Professor Series or Professor-in-Residence Series
  • ADJUNCT MERIT: Checklist for delegated actions

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 Unit 18  Lecturers

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Clinical Professor Series

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Project Scientist Series

Specialist Series

Cooperative Extension Specialist/Agronomist

  • Coop-1: APPOINTMENT: Cooperative Extension Specialist/Agronomist
  • Coop-2: PROMOTION: to Associate or Full Cooperative Extension Specialist/Agronomist
  • Coop-3: MERIT INCREASE: Assistant/Associate/Full Cooperative Extension Specialist/Agronomist


  • Checklist: Assembling appropriate documentation for MERIT INCREASES, PROMOTIONS AND CAREER
  • Merit: Recommendation
  • Promotion: Recommendation

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

  • Checklist: Appointment and Reappointment Checklist

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