Welcome to the Academic Personnel Office

The mission of the Academic Personnel Office is to ensure the continued excellence of Berkeley's entire academic population so that our campus can fulfill its core missions: offering broad access to a superb education, pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge, and serving the public good.

We work closely with the Vice Provost for the Faculty to maintain high standards and fair processes in academic appointments, promotions, and merit increases. We help academic HR staff, faculty, chairs, and deans to stay up-to-date about the University’s policies and practices so that we can sustain a broadly shared understanding across our campus. 

In partnership with the Office of Faculty Equity and Welfare, we classify non-senate appointments into the appropriate title series and approve appointments at non-delegated levels.

We administer APBears, the Academic Personnel at Berkeley Electronic Achievements and Review System, for the campus and also collect and analyze data to assess the effectiveness of our current academic personnel practices and to identify areas in which the campus may improve. 

We also manage a CalNet authenticated site, BMAP, Berkeley Manual of Academic Personnel, that focuses on policies, processes, and practices concerning ladder-rank faculty.