COVID-19 and AP issues

Campus Return to In-Person Instruction

As a residential campus, UC Berkeley generally expects students and instructors to be present on campus to participate in classes. With the exception of courses that have been approved by the Committee on Courses of Instruction (COCI) for online delivery, instruction is expected to be in person. In keeping with President Drake’s announcement on January 11, 2021, and as outlined in Chancellor Christ’s message to the campus community on March 16, 2021, UC Berkeley resumed in-person instruction in fall 2021.

COVID-19 Related Leave Resources for Academic Appointees

Academic Personnel Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Related Leaves (updated 2/22/22)

COVID-19 Related Leave for Academic Appointees: Guidance for Supervisors (updated 3/31/21)

COVID-19 Related Guidance for Unit 18 (updated 4/17/20)

Academics that do not use CalTime can fill out a Sabbatical Leave/Special Leave of Absence from (UPAY 573) to record the use of COVID-19 paid administrative leave. A sample form, partially filled out for this type of leave, may be found here

Academics requesting EPSL may use this form to request such a leave. Any requesting retroactive use of 2021 EPSL, please use this form.

List of campus FAQs regarding the use of COVID-19 paid administrative leave by academics (we will update the list as needed). 

Because public health conditions have stabilized, the Quick Guide for Remote Teaching Requests was discontinued in July 2022.

General Academic Personnel Guidance during COVID-19 Pandemic

Campus reviewers in the future will understand that the COVID-19 pandemic had a prolonged disruptive impact on research and teaching, and will interpret records of review periods including the pandemic accordingly. Make sure that you discuss the consequences of the pandemic on your record in your self-evaluative statements.

Temporary Policy for Faculty Retiring in 2021 (posted 7/13/20, updated 3/8/21)

Temporary Merit Offset Policy (posted 7/13/20; revised 11/24/21)

A temporary policy of forgiveness of the return-to-service requirement (posted 6/20/20)

Academic Personnel Senate Faculty Guidance

Update on Sabbaticals (issued as a CalMessage to senate faculty on 4/6/20)

Academic Personnel Instructional Faculty Guidance

Academic Researcher Guidance

Campus Hiring Freeze Information

Senate Faculty Hiring Update

Hiring Freeze FAQs

Other Resources

Campus Practice on COVID sabbatical credits (added 9/22/21)

UC COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

Guidance on Returning to Onsite Work for Academic Appointees

Bridging Grant Program for Assistant Professors (uploaded 6/30/20)

COVID-19 Stop the Clock Certification Form (updated 2/28/22) Up to two years off the clock can be approved at the campus level (requests should be made for up to one year at a time); requests beyond two years require UCOP approval. Units should submit the clock stoppage request to APO, and APO will route to UCOP for review if necessary.

Resources for faculty on productivity, teaching, strategic planning, and self-care from the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD). If you have not already logged in as part of Berkeley's institutional membership, you can access the site quickly by following these steps: Click Join Now, select UC Berkeley from the list, click Activate My Membership, and use your Berkeley email address to sign up.