Medical leave for Senate faculty

Faculty members covered by APM 710-11 are entitled to the equivalent of one semester of paid personal medical leave during the first ten years of paid service after appointment.* Faculty members with more than ten years of paid service are entitled to the equivalent of two semesters of paid medical leave in each subsequent ten-year period. Unused leave does not carry over into the next ten-year period; the total of two semesters resets every ten years of paid service.

There are several options for administering medical leave. The standard option is to take a leave for the entire semester. In certain circumstances, a faculty member may request a partial (short-term) or an intermittent leave. Examples might include leave for an injury that requires short-term care, or for a scheduled minor surgery that needs to be conducted while the faculty member is teaching.

Short-term leaves are counted towards the total allocation of medical leave. The Academic Personnel Office (APO) tracks leave accumulation and eligibility.

Required documentation for Medical Leave to be approved:

Required documentation to return from Medical Leave:

Approval process

In consultation with APO to confirm eligibility, Deans have the authority to approve a leave of less than one month, but must forward copies of the required documentation to APO. Requests for leaves that are longer than one month must be sent to APO and approved by the Vice Provost for the Faculty.

*Exceptions to this are faculty who accrue sick leave, faculty who participate in a Health Services Compensation Plan whose terms supersede APM 710-11, and faculty whose appointments are not full-time.