Librarians - Promotions and Career Status Reviews


November 14

  • Review Initiators confer with Librarians.

Any Librarian who is not scheduled for an automatic review during this review period but who wishes to be reviewed should inform the Review Initiator by November 14th.
Review Initiators and Librarians begin assembling the relevant documentation for Promotion and Career Status Reviews in those cases where:
a) The Librarian is scheduled for a review
b) The Department Head intends to initiate a review
c) The Librarian intends to request a review.

  • Candidates should begin to assemble their dossiers.
  • As soon after November 1 as possible, but by November 14th, the candidate may suggest the names of persons from whom letters of evaluation may be solicited.
  • The Review Initiator solicits letters evaluating the candidate from qualified persons, including a reasonable number of persons whose names have been provided by the candidate, with January 17th due date. 
  • Requests for deferral of a scheduled Promotion or Career Status Review must be made known to the Vice Provost's office and to CAPA by mid-November. Review Initiator prepares the information which will form the justification for their recommendations. Concerns should be discussed with the candidate by the Review Initiator, and consideration should be given to the content of the documentation that addresses such concerns.

 November 17

  • Deadline for Units/Departments to provide APO with names of Promotion and Career Status candidates.

November 17

  • APO informs LHRD of all candidates for promotion or Career Status. CAPA begins consultation with the University Librarian, who will appoint the Ad Hoc review committee.

December 4 - January 23

Review Initiators and Librarians assemble the formal documentation which will be used in the review:

  • Review Initiator's and Department Head's recommendations.
  • Librarian's signed self-evaluation.
  • Copies of reports, articles, and books which the candidate has authored or edited and other documentation which the candidate believes may be of assistance in the evaluation.
  • New or updated Biography Form 1501.
  • Confidential letters received by the Review Initiator by January 17th.

December 15

  • Requests made after this date for a maximum 30-day extension of the dossier submission deadline risk not securing authorization by January 11 (see below).
January 11
  • Final day to secure authorization for a maximum 30-day extension of the dossier submission deadline.

January 17

  • Review Initiators provide copies of redacted letters to Librarian for review. Librarian has 7 calendar days (Jan. 17 - 23) to provide the optional written response to Review Initiator. The response is due to Review Initiator January 23rd. 

January 23 - January 31

  • Review Initiator/Chair/Dean assemble complete dossier for submission to APO.
January 30
  • The University Librarian appoints Ad Hoc Review Committees.
February 1
  • All promotion recommendations with complete documentation (including response to outside letters must be received by APO).
February 6
  • APO provides complete dossier to LHRD.

February 6 - April 30

  • CAPA reviews documentation, including the Ad Hoc Review Committee recommendations. CAPA prepares its recommendation and transmits it to the Library Human Resources Department by May 1st.
  • The University Librarian makes advancement recommendations and consults with CAPA as required.
  • The Vice Provost makes final decisions.