Exceptional Retroactive Summer Salary Request Guidelines

Exceptional Retroactive

Summer Salary Request Guidelines

Effective 2018

For eligible faculty with available funding that can be used for summer ninths compensation (such as sponsored awards/grants, start-up funds, etc.), we are providing guidelines on a new campus deadline to submit retroactive summer salary requests

There may be occasions when a retroactive summer salary request is necessary after the summer period has passed. To provide faculty flexibility, in general, retroactive compensation for summer research or work for a given summer should be requested no later than November 1 of the year in which the research or work is performed. This date will ensure that the summer’s retroactive salary payments are processed and paid by the last monthly exempt pay date for that calendar year.

Other information to clarify:

  • During the summer, eligible academic-year faculty may earn up to a maximum of one-third of the nine-month annual salary rate as additional compensation.
  • Because this salary is paid differently from that generated by a faculty’s regular appointment, an additional appointment must be reflected in a separate 1/9th title for the period of service. 
  • Additional compensation is paid for the research or work being performed during this period. As such, payments for effort should be made at the time the research or work is conducted.  

Faculty will need to partner with their CSS Research Administrator (RA) or departmental staff, as appropriate, to determine funding agency requirements or summer salary restrictions for any retroactive summer salary requests.  Retroactive salary charged to an individual fund must be allowable and in compliant with funding requirements.

If a faculty has a retroactive summer salary outside of this norm, the exceptional request should be escalated to the Academic Personnel Office (APO) for consideration.

We hope this helps to clarify the timeframe to request retroactive summer salary. Policy questions regarding summer compensation for faculty may be directed to APO via appolicy@berkeley.edu